Arena / Dressage Mirrors

Arena Mirrors - Which One is Right For You?

Equestrian Reflections dressage mirrors and arena mirrors are constructed in forged steel for strength and durability; aluminium fittings complement the unique design, giving an elegant robust finish. The units are maintenance free, finished in a hot zinc galvanise which is non-corrosive and ensures vital protection in tough everyday environments. Wood is not used to ensure warping or rotting does not occur.

Grand Prix Arena / Dressage Mirror

Our most customisable individual arena mirror

A revolutionary solution for viewing your outline as you work.

A strategically placed single mirror with near perfect clarity. A customised finish tailored just for you.

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Prix St George Arena Mirror

Unique interlocking mirrors

​Holding the top spot as our best selling mirror range is the Prix St George.

Uniquely adjustable and able to connect to other Prix St George mirrors it is an ideal solution for all budgets

Start with just one...


Prix St George Trio Arena Mirrors

Three mirrors aligned or at 90 degrees

This trio of arena mirrors is one of our favourites… Giving you a wide view of the arena and a full profile when close, they are an ideal choice for the budding amateur or dressage yard.

Finished with our custom designed...


Prix St George - Five In A Line

Five connected mirrors

​For the budding professional, the Prix St George Five in a Line offer a perfect blend of visibility, viewing range and customisation.

Choose from a variety of layout combinations to suit your personal requirements.


Prix St George - Seven In A Line

Seven connected or separate mirrors

​When one, three,or five won’t do and 9 is just too many then the Prix St George Seven in a Line is the perfect solution.

Reaching almost from side to side of a 20m arena you won’t miss a...


Prix St George - Nine In A Line

Full arena width spread of mirrors

Our most prestigious arena mirror configuration, the Prix St George Nine in a Line allows complete viewing from all locations.

Available with any orientation of mirror and customisable to your specifications.


Prix St George - Bespoke Arena Mirrors

​Every installation is unique and if you have a particular set up which needs a custom solution then Equestrian Reflections can meet your needs!

If it’s multiple mirrors in a line or a selection around your school, we are here...